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Hi! I’m Jerry.

I’m currently a designer at Piaggio Fast Forward, a technology and robotic company based in Boston. Here I work on both physical and digital products from a user experience perspective. Projects range from industrial design, concept development, package, to user interface, app, website.

User experience is always where I start and aim at regardless of what platforms the product will be on. I believe a product with a good UX design allows its user to get to the point where they could understand what the product will be without having to go through all the pains and complexity of building it. I always enjoy the process of brainstorming and conceptualizing ideas, and get even more excited when prototyping them and validating the concept with the real people.

My passion lies in learning how people perceive, understand, and react to a subject, and my work tends to propose how we (as designer) could create a product that leads to a behavior change and results in a better culture.

Jerry Ding 2020